What happens if you are arrested for a DUI and it is your second or third offense? The main difference in a second or third DUI versus a first DUI is that if you were to take a negotiated deal, also known as a plea bargain, you could be facing harsher consequences in a second […]

If you’ve recently been arrested on a first offense DUI in California, a question you may have is: can I drive? The short answer is yes. The police will take away your physical driver’s license and give you a pink piece of paper called a temporary driver’s license. That pink piece of paper will serve […]

Can You Be Subject to a DUI Charge From Prescription Drugs? When most people think of driving under the influence, they think of alcohol. However, there is a reason that the charge is “under the influence” and does not have the word alcohol in it. Drugs can also affect a person’s ability to drive. This […]

Have you, a family member, or friend been arrested for driving under the influence in Alameda County or Contra Costa County? If so, you may be asking yourself this question: “Is a DUI a felony?” The answer is, it depends. Was the DUI A Felony Or Misdemeanor? Although a DUI, or Driving Under the Influence […]

Millions of Americans struggle daily managing stress and anxiety. For some, it is a constant irritant, like a low-level hum in their ear. For others, it is a crippling problem and they cannot function without medication. More and more doctors are turning to chemical solutions to address people’s ongoing issues with anxiety. One medication of […]