In California, domestic violence is a broad term that covers more than one type of domestic violence. It could involve assault and/or battery against a significant other. Getting arrested for domestic violence means that you could be sentenced to jail or prison, along with other potential sentences. Call an experienced attorney to help provide you […]

What happens when you or a loved one has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of selling it? Some of the questions that the person investigating your case, or your criminal defense attorney, may look at, is the other evidence to support that you were actually having that controlled substance […]


Can You Get A DUI Even While Being In a Parked Car? If you ask anyone about their opinion of the charge of “driving under the influence”, they will tell you that this charge applies to someone who is caught driving their vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or a drug. What most people don’t know […]

What happens when you or somebody you know has been accused of negligent discharge of a firearm? In order to be found guilty of this type of charge, you need to find three things. Number one, that there actually was an unlawful discharge of a firearm. Number two, it was done in a negligent manner. […]


What does it mean to solicit a prostitute? Prostitution and soliciting a prostitute is currently illegal in the state of California. However, it sometimes not clear what exactly constitutes solicitation of a prostitute. By definition, the word solicitation refers to the persuasion of someone to do something. The law itself states that it is illegal […]

What is bail and how does it work? Essentially, when somebody is arrested for a crime, they can post a bail amount so that they can have their freedom while their criminal case is pending. There are two ways to post bail. Either number one, you post the entire bail amount on your own, or […]

If you are being investigated for a DUI, can you refuse to take a breath test or a blood test? The answer is yes. The United States Constitution protects you from any unlawful searches and seizures, and that includes you blowing into a breath device or having your blood drawn to measure your alcohol content. […]

dui prescription drugs

Can You Be Subject to a DUI Charge From Prescription Drugs? When most people think of driving under the influence, they think of alcohol. However, there is a reason that the charge is “under the influence” and does not have the word alcohol in it. Drugs can also affect a person’s ability to drive. This […]

What happens if you are arrested for a DUI and it is your second or third offense? The main difference in a second or third DUI versus a first DUI is that if you were to take a negotiated deal, also known as a plea bargain, you could be facing harsher consequences in a second […]