What happens if you are arrested for a DUI and it is your second or third offense? The main difference in a second or third DUI versus a first DUI is that if you were to take a negotiated deal, also known as a plea bargain, you could be facing harsher consequences in a second or a third offense.

The main thing to consider is potential jail time. If you are looking at a third offense, you could be looking at some jail time with a minimum of 120 days. You could also be facing higher consequences as far as a DUI program is concerned. Generally, for a first offense, it could be three, six, or nine months, versus a second or third offense, which could be up to 18 months of a DUI program.

You may also have to put an interlock ignition device or a breathalyzer on your vehicle for either six to twelve months, depending on the number of DUI’s you’ve had on your record. Another consideration is also probation. It could be two years, three years, or five years depending on what your attorney negotiates for you. At Lamano Law Office, our main goal is to keep you
informed. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, either as your second or your third offense, please give us a call and talk to an experienced DUI attorney so we can give you information, and thanks for listening.