Attorneys for Gun & Firearm Charges

It is against the law to carry a concealed firearm unless you have a concealed weapons permit. It can also be illegal to carry a rifle or gun in your car, even if you have a license to own a firearm.

Depending on the situation, a gun offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Gun, rifle, and firearm charges can be incredibly complicated so it’s imperative to have an experienced Oakland gun lawyer who has your back to represent you in court. Along with the fact that gun possession can be a criminal charge by itself, the use of a gun, rifle, or firearm in addition to the possession crime can increase the punishment. Our offices are right across the street from Glenn Dyer jail in Oakland, CA, and near Santa Rita jail in Dublin, CA. If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with a gun offense, it’s crucial to contact our experienced criminal defense team right away. Our attorneys are here to help you understand your rights and find the best possible solution for your case.

It is also illegal to be a “prohibited person” in possession of a firearm. For example, under both California law and section 922(g) of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, a felony conviction or misdemeanor domestic violence conviction can result in a firearm prohibition.

Is it possible to get an expungement after a Gun & Firearm Charge?

Depending on the nature of your conviction, it might be possible to get it expunged. An experienced Oakland criminal lawyer can review your case and help you determine whether this is a viable option for you. Expungement means that your criminal record will be erased, so even if the court finds out about it through background checks or other forms of screening, it will no longer appear. This is an important step to take if you want to restore your reputation and open up employment opportunities in the future.

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Whether you have been or arrested or are awaiting your trial it’s important to speak with an experienced criminal law attorney who understands the California laws that surround gun control and firearm offenses. Contact Lamano Law Office today to set up an initial consultation so that you don’t have to face these charges on your own.