When people hear “white collar crime” they may assume that the penalties for these crimes aren’t severe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though white collar crimes are non-violent and financial in nature, being charged with one of these crimes can have you facing many different types of penalties from probation, county jail, state or federal prison. Additionally, they can carry STRIKES, which means depending on how many counts are filed against you, more jail time. If it is a repeat offense, a longer term of jail, or even worse, if it is a 3rd STRIKE life in prison.

There are many different crimes that are considered white collar crimes. Here are a few:

  • Bribery (trying to pay someone off)
  • Computer Hacking (breaking into someone’s computer)
  • Counterfeiting (making copies of money or bonds)
  • Cyber Crime (usually stealing money through a computer)
  • Email Interception (getting into another person’s private information)
  • Embezzlement (a trusted person who takes money or property for personal use)
  • Extortion (forcing someone to pay you or do something for you by threatening them)
  • Forgery (signing someone else’s name)
  • Fraud (illegally getting property or money through misrepresentation or lies)
  • Identity Theft (basically, using someone else’s credit cards)
  • Money Laundering (trying to avoid taxes by hiding money)
  • Pandering (basically, begging for money)

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