Newark is one of the fastest growing cities in Alameda. Due to its proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, it shares many of the larger city’s patterns. While Newark has remained a mostly suburban enclave, the growing downtown area has increased visitor traffic in recent years. Significantly, in 2015 the New Park Mall was revamped when it opened up with many new restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Naturally, the areas surrounding the Mall have seen an uptick in law enforcement interest. Newark has 45 sworn officer to serve its almost 50,000 residents and as such targeted enforcement is normal. It is common to see Newark officers making rounds near the Mall parking lot near bar/restaurant closing hours and waiting near stop signs to catch drivers who may do a “California stop.” Newark shares its borders with Union City and Fremont. In addition, Interstate 880 and Highway 84 leading to the Dumbarton bridge runs through the City – the California Highway Patrol can often be been seen parked near Ardenwood Blvd on Highway 84.


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