Meet Jennifer Newman

Jennifer Newman is a dedicated legal assistant with a strong background in community leadership and crime prevention. Prior to her legal career, Jennifer worked for 15 years in branding and marketing. In 2019, Jennifer was appointed as the chair of her Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council, a testament to her commitment to ensuring safety within the community. In this role, she actively collaborates with citizens, merchants, law enforcement, and city officials to promote crime prevention initiatives and foster community engagement.

Jennifer’s extensive experience and dedication to community service have equipped her with a holistic understanding of the legal process.  She values the importance of effective communication with our clients to secure their best defense. Her passion for community seamlessly aligns with our firm’s mission to protect and advocate for our clients, ensuring their rights and well-being are protected. As a legal assistant, Jennifer brings her skills, dedication, and community-oriented mindset to every aspect of her work.

In her free time, Jennifer spends time with her fiancé, dog, and has a dog walking business that is highly regarded in the Jack London Square, Oakland community.  We are proud to have Jennifer on our team and her contribution to delivering exceptional legal defense and support.