Meet Molly McDermott

Molly McDermott is a Paralegal at Lamano Law Office. She is responsible for updating clients on their cases and is in regular communication with the District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Her duties include gathering evidence and processing subpoenas for police body-worn cameras, motion vehicle audio recordings (dash camera videos), computer-automated dispatch reports (911 phone call logs), and calibration logs for DUI chemical tests.  She is also responsible for drafting mitigation packets for our clients so that we represent them in court as human beings and not just another case number.

Ms. McDermott holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Maine College of Art.  Prior to joining Lamano Law Office, Ms. McDermott worked over a decade in customer service as a retail merchandiser.  She volunteers for the East Bay Community Law Center assisting unhoused community members in filing legal claims and at Where Do We Go Berkeley, a non-profit organization that supports people experiencing homelessness.  Ms. McDermott loves to hike with her friends, make art, meditate, and cook.  We are proud to have Ms. McDermott as a paralegal in our firm.

If you need to get in touch with Ms. McDermott, please email her at