Meet Amanda Villamil

Amanda Villamil works as a legal assistant at Lamano Law Office. Her role involves scheduling client consultations and assisting attorneys with legal tasks. Her main objective is to keep clients well-informed and ease their worries about the legal process.

Initially interested in studying criminal law, Ms. Villamil shifted gears after being advised to gain experience in law enforcement first. She opted to major in marketing, recognizing the importance of social media and the internet in her generation’s information consumption habits. Growing up in the digital age, she understands the value of using technology and the firm’s software to efficiently communicate with clients.

Ms. Villamil goes above and beyond by providing clients with information and resources beyond the firm’s professional services. This reflects her values of equal access to legal services, social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Her colleagues describe her as pragmatic, flexible, and adaptable.

What truly sets Ms. Villamil apart is her dedication to improving client experiences and firm efficiency. She constantly evaluates processes to find ways to enhance them. Outside of work, she enjoys exercising, traveling, and cooking with her family. She’s an avid podcast listener, particularly interested in criminal law and current events. Bringing innovative ideas from a Generation Z perspective, she contributes to the firm’s growth and success in today’s competitive legal market.

If you need to contact Ms. Villamil, you can email her at