Proving innocence in domestic violence

An accusation of domestic violence can turn your world upside down. In many cases, the police must arrest somebody even if they are innocent. This is to prevent being held responsible if they leave the scene, nobody is arrested, and then later somebody gets hurt. Then, you have to spend money on bail which could […]


California’s gun control laws are constantly changing and evolving. They are listed under California Penal Code 29805 and were most recently updated in January of 2019. Prior to this time, if you were convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, you would be subject to a 10-year prohibition on owning firearms. Even though this was […]

Being arrested for domestic abuse can be an emotional and terrifying experience. If you are arrested for assault there are several things that you have to deal with immediately. The first is posting bail so you can be released. Sometimes a temporary restraining order or emergency protective order has been issued. These orders prohibit you […]

seal arrest record

Many people don’t realize that getting arrested, even if you are never convicted, can have a drastic effect on the rest of your life. Having an arrest record creates a stigma, rightly or wrongly, that can cause you to miss out on opportunities such as schooling, renting or buying a home, and getting professional certifications […]

Empty streets in the Bay Area

All across the country including the Bay Area and Oakland, people are following suggestions to shelter in place in their homes to protect themselves and each other from Covid-19. Since there are no empty houses, and fewer people on the streets, alleged criminals have fewer opportunities to strike. However, the unfortunate part of this, according […]

In California, domestic violence is a broad term that covers more than one type of domestic violence. It could involve assault and/or battery against a significant other. Getting arrested for domestic violence means that you could be sentenced to jail or prison, along with other potential sentences. Call an experienced attorney to help provide you […]