Lawyer for Federal Drug Crimes

One of the biggest categories of federal crimes is drugs. There are many federal laws on the books to prevent criminal activity related to drugs and drug trafficking, and prisons around the country are full of people convicted of these crimes. It is often hard to determine whether a crime is a federal or a state crime.

It’s important to have an attorney who understands federal drug laws, and how they are prosecuted. Your attorney should be able to examine your case and make the best strategy to protect your rights in the federal justice system and get you the best possible result. The federal justice system can be intimidating, and the penalties can be harsh, so you need someone by your side at all times.

Federal Drug Case Representation

If you are charged with drug crimes, then Lamano Law Office will help by examining every aspect of your case to argue on your behalf. The consequences can be incredibly harsh, including long prison sentences and large fines. You need to take every advantage you can get. Some of the most common federal drug crimes include:

  • Federal drug trafficking
  • Federal drug distribution
  • Federal possession with intent to sell
  • Federal simple possession
  • Federal drug cultivation or manufacture
  • Racketeering to sell a controlled substance

Whether the drugs are grown, manufactured, or prescription, federal charges can apply. Not only that, but they often come with other charges connected with drugs, like theft, assault, or conspiracy.

Marijuana and Medicinal Marijuana Charges

Possession of marijuana is legal in the state of California, but federal law still considers possession to be a crime, as well as distribution and cultivation. If you are involved in the marijuana industry and become a federal target, you will need a knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights.

Even medicinal marijuana is considered a federal crime, even though it is legal in California. While federal law will override state law in most cases, that may not be true when it comes to medicinal marijuana. California has written in certain technicalities into its drug laws so that federal laws can’t take precedence. That way, if you use medicinal marijuana according to state law, you will not be in peril of being charged under state or federal law. The Obama administration provided guidance to federal agencies as well to take compassion on medicinal marijuana users in California and avoid prosecuting them with federal crimes.

When it comes to federal drug charges, especially in the state of California, there are many technicalities and nuances to understand. Make sure to have an attorney who will be able to successfully navigate the federal justice system. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to federal crimes. The penalties are severe, and prosecutors do not have much leeway when it comes to working out plea deals. Not only that, but you will be required to serve a larger percentage of your prison sentence if you are convicted of a federal crime when compared to a state charge. Contact us today for help if you have been charged with a federal drug crime or fear that you might be.