Livermore is considered one of the Tri-Valley cities, along with Dublin and Pleasanton. Livermore is the most populous city of the Tri-Valley. Livermore is generally considered a law enforcement friendly community. Unlike other Alameda County cities that have seen a decrease in sworn officers, Livermore has regularly added new officers to its staff. Livermore is known to collaborate with other police agencies such as the Alameda County Sheriff’s Drone Unit, K9 Units, and the California Highway Patrol. A slight uptick in homicides and other violent crimes in the city has made the Livermore Police particularly vigilant. Livermore prides itself on its robust shopping options with their “San Francisco Outlets” as well as its growing popularity as a fine wine haven. As such, law enforcement officers pay special attention to theft related crimes in the shopping areas, and DUI offenses near the wineries. Livermore officers regularly use covert vehicle surveillance to detect people suspected of criminal activity. Livermore is also located near Interstate 580 where the California Highway Patrol monitors motorists for driving offenses; a CHP field office is located in the neighboring city of Dublin.

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