Did you know that one in three Californians has a criminal history? The American justice system holds that every defendant is innocent unless proven guilty. However, far too many people who have been arrested but never convicted of a crime are prevented from obtaining the employment, housing, and educational opportunities they deserve simply because of […]

Police knock at the door and ask to come in, can you say no? It may happen on a quiet evening when you are relaxing after a long day. It might happen when you have already fallen asleep. Whenever it happens, having the police knock on your door and ask to talk to you, or […]

My name is Givelle Lamano, and I’m the principal attorney at Lamano Law Office. The goal of this video is to tell you what you need to do if you have a warrant. If you have a warrant, you are on thin ice. If you get stopped by the police, detained, interrogated, and the police […]