What Happens At DMV Proceedings

DMV decisions can have a negative impact on your life that can last for years or in some cases decades. A second DUI, third DUI or fourth DUI/DWI can possibly get your drivers license revoked for life. For commercial drivers with a CDL a suspended license can mean the difference of working or not working. For normal people that don’t drive for a living a suspended driving license can be life changing in the way that simple tasks will be forced to be harder, such as driving to the store or picking kids up from school. According to our criminal defense attorney in Oakland, if a person is caught driving with a suspended drivers license, it could potentially lead to a misdemeanor or felony offense.

At Lamano Law Office, our Oakland DUI lawyers represent good people that are charged with a variety of traffic offenses including habitual traffic offenders. Even if your drivers license has been suspended for not paying traffic tickets or you have been charged with a DUI offense, we can help. Lamano Law can be present for your DMV hearing and assist with legal advice so that your DMV proceedings may have a positive outcome.