Specializing In Lewd Conduct Cases

Disorderly conduct is a term used to describe any number of illegal behaviors, from lewd conduct to public intoxication to soliciting sex for money to the inappropriate use of offensive or abusive language. The purpose of having disorderly conduct laws is to govern what is appropriate behavior and what is not when you are in a public forum.

Unfortunately, because disorderly conduct is defined so broadly, it is often used to punish people who are engaged in activities or behavior that law enforcement or society as a whole find distasteful, however aren’t truly criminal. This includes activities such as panhandling or the peaceful assembly of citizens for the purpose of political or private protests.

It is the goal of a criminal defense attorney to determine whether or not the activity of those who have been charged with disorderly conduct meets the threshold of criminal behavior or not. This is why it is imperative to contact an criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested for disorderly conduct. It provides the opportunity to draw the line and protect citizens against overzealous and heavy handed law enforcement.

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