What Happens With a First Time DUI Offense in California?

The first time you find yourself in a bad position because you got behind the wheel of your car after having one too many at the restaurant, bar or club could be a seriously bad situation. A first-time DUI arrest is likely the first time you have ever experienced being arrested, going to jail, waiting to post bail and get out, and recover from what is probably the worst night of your adult life thus far. It is humiliating and exhausting and, honestly, law enforcement means for it to be that way. They want first time offenders to remember it clearly and avoid the same situation at all costs in the future. Remember also that Lamano Law’s DUI lawyer in Oakland is here to help during this difficult time.

Other elements that go with that bad experience for first -time DUI offenders are also geared toward avoidance behavior within the legal system. You’re looking at fines, penalties, and costs from taking classes as well as having equipment added to your car in order for you to be able to drive.

Some of the punishments could include:

  • Fines that add up to 4 times the original quoted amount due to fees, costs, etc. A $390 fine is actually going to cost you potentially $2000
  • 48 hours in jail that could go to 6 months in some situations
  • A 4-month driver’s license suspension
  • An alcohol treatment program of varying length – 4 months up to 9 months in most cases
  • Going through a hospital and/or morgue program in Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa or San Mateo County

This is just the start, too. More could be waiting for you from the legal system, and then you have to deal with the personal mayhem that can be a result of a first-time DUI. Problems in your relationship with your significant other, mounting debt, possible negative impact for your job are just some of the things you could be dealing with as an outcome from a first-time DUI.

We absolutely advise to contact our Oakland criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible if you are ever in a position to fight for your rights when it comes to a DUI arrest. Our goal as your criminal defense attorneys would be to reduce that DUI arrest to something that might not have as much impact for your life, if possible. You could possibly avoid a conviction altogether, but there is no way you will manage that on your own without legal representation. Our DUI lawyers are experienced and know what ramifications might be waiting for you. Don’t delay – call Lamano Law Offices today at 510-824-0750.