San Leandro is one of the most economically diverse East Bay cities. On one side of town there is the waterfront, parts of the airport, and dining, while on the other side residents can find residential homes, car dealerships, major retail stores. San Leandro is nestled right in-between the major cities of Oakland and Hayward – both cities known for heavy law enforcement presence. In addition, San Leandro has the Alameda County Sheriff’s office headquarters located within the city. Interstates 880, 580, and 238 run through the city. As one of the more populous cities in Alameda County, San Leandro is regulated by several law enforcement agencies: San Leandro Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

San Leandro

The San Leandro Police Department is very active within the City. Moreover, there are oftentimes “spillover” enforcement actions from the Hayward and Oakland Police Departments. As such, San Leandro has been known to maintain close contacts and can rely on the support of it bordering law enforcement agencies. Taken further, the San Leandro Police Department often participate in joint enforcement actions where agents from organizations such as the Sheriff’s Office will collaborate on enforcement efforts such as sex trafficking Sting Operations. A tactic San Leandro police have used in the past involves creating fake sex advertisements online to attract sex buyers to come to a hotel where they are promptly arrested. Many local bars and restaurants are very close to the highway, and so patrons can expect law enforcement to be on high alert for traffic violations that may lead to a DUI investigation.

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