Two Types of Probation Violations

There are two types of probation: formal and informal.

Formal probation requires you to check in with a probation officer and informal probation is when you promise the court to stay out of trouble during your probation sentence.

Usually, a misdemeanor violation carries a 3 year informal probation period whereas a felony carries a 5 year probation period depending on the county. If you get into trouble and violate your probation, a judge may order your probation revoked. If this happens, you may have to serve jail time for the probation violation and the new charges that caused you to violate your probation. In other words, if the probation violation consisted of committing another crime, you will also face new charges based on that crime. The outcome of your probation violation depends on several factors including what county your new case is in, what court imposed your original probation, and what department your probation hearing will be in.

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