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Hi, my name is Givelle Lamano and I’m a criminal defense attorney with Lamano Law Office. The goal of this video is to give some information about what to expect if you are being accused of stealing and/or theft. A big consideration is how much the value of the alleged property that you took was. […]

residential commercial burglary

In California, burglary can be defined in two ways. First-degree burglary is also called residential burglary. Second-degree is also called commercial burglary. Burglary in general is when a perpetrator enters a building unlawfully with the intent to commit a theft or another felony. Residential Burglary Residential burglary applies when the burglary occurs at any inhabited […]


Is Accidental Shoplifting A Legitimate Defense? Shoplifting is a crime, despite how small the amount of property stolen might be. It is classified as any theft that deprives a commercial establishment of property that has a value of $950 or less. Anything more than that, and the crime gets classified as grand theft, which can […]