Is It Really Possible To Get DUI Charges Dismissed?

An important question to be asked if you are arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence is, “is it possible to get my DUI charges dismissed?” It is not possible to have DUI charges dismissed pursuant to a plea bargain, however there are other options besides a plea bargain in which it is possible to have your DUI charges dismissed. At Lamano Law Office, our Oakland DUI lawyers are extremely skilled in handling all of the details of your case, including your eligibility for the dismissal of your charges. We fight 1st, 2nd, and 3rd DUI charges, even felony DUI cases.

Our Oakland criminal defense attorneys are experienced in the dismissal of DUI charges. The possibility of having charges dismissed is the first thing that we consider when we take on your case. The dismissal of your DUI charges is significant for several reasons, the most important reason being the protection of our client. If we can protect our client from having a criminal record, it will also protect their job and their general livelihood.

At Lamano Law Office, we specialize in DUI defense. This is very important because we are capable of analyzing your case far more in depth than many other lawyers that do not specialize in this sort of criminal defense. Our expertise in the field of DUI defense allows us to hand your case competently and succinctly, saving you time and money, and removing much of the stress that can be intrinsic to these situations.

We realize that people make mistakes; a majority of our clients are good people that have made a poor choice. Our criminal defense lawyers aim to empower our clients so that that they are able to move forward after a DUI arrest, this can be very important in sustaining their livelihood, sometimes it can mean being able to keep your job or your driver’s license. At Lamano Law Office, we believe that people have the power to change their behavior for the better without the strict penalties being handed down by the court.

The criminal defense team at Lamano Law Office is committed to protecting our clients, preserving their livelihood, and counseling them through a difficult and complicated situation. If you are facing something as serious as a DUI charge, our thorough and capable criminal defense attorneys can assure that you have the best defense for you situation. Make sure that you are receiving the best counsel for your case by hiring the experts at Lamano Law Office.

At Lamano Law Office, we will examine all angles of your case, including your eligibility for dismissal of your DUI charges. With our help, it is possible to get through this difficult time and move ahead with the confidence that you are the best possible representation. Facing DUI charges can be daunting and intimidating, let our experts guide you through this arduous process. We’re here to help, call today.