Meet Teresa Labat

Meet Teresa Labat, a dedicated Paralegal at Lamano Law Office, with an impressive background encompassing over 7 years of legal experience and a decade in office management.

Teresa possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise essential for providing exceptional support to our clients. Her journey in the legal domain began as a legal assistant at the Law Offices of Kim Burgess, a criminal defense law firm in Dublin, California, where she honed her skills and gained comprehensive insights into the legal processes.

Teresa’s role involves a diverse range of responsibilities, including gathering evidence, processing subpoenas for various forms of data, and drafting mitigation packets to humanize our clients’ representation in court. She ensures effective communication with clients, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, for a seamless and transparent experience to our clients.

At the Law Offices of Kim Burgess, she excelled in tasks ranging from bookkeeping and tax preparation to case management and client billing. Beyond her legal career, Teresa has devoted over 16 years to various school boards, serving in roles such as Secretary, Vice President, and President. She has been an active participant in numerous school-related events, embodying a strong sense of community and dedication to fostering education.

In her free time, Teresa finds joy in cooking, reading books in the sunshine, and spending time with her husband, two children, and 3 adult children.  Teresa also loves playing with her four beloved dogs, two Labradors and two Malshi’s (Maltese / Shitzhu.

Teresa Labat is a valuable asset to Lamano Law Office, bringing a unique blend of legal expertise, management skills, and a genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of our clients.