What happens when you are being investigated for a crime and you are worried about how it could affect your job? Specifically, what happens when your job involves having a professional license? This could be either in the healthcare industry, as a nurse, doctor, dentist, pharmacist. If you’re in real estate, as an agent or […]

What happens when your criminal case involves an auto accident? One of the common questions that we get at Lamano Law Office is whether or not the person should give a statement to their insurance company, to the other party’s insurance company, to the victim or any third party witnesses. It is really important that […]

Sometimes we get phone calls at our law office from people who are telling us that they’ve been accused of stealing from their employer or from stealing from some type of agency. A lot of times when people contact us, it’s because they want to give a statement, to either their employer, to human resources, […]

What happens if you, or somebody you know has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon? This is also known as, Penal Code 245. Assault with a deadly weapon can be charged as both a misdemeanor, which could involve jail time, or a felony, which could involve prison time. This type of crime happens […]

A lot of people use the word assault and battery as if they are the same thing, but in fact they’re actually different. The main difference is that an assault is an action that could cause harm, or an unwanted touch on a person, and battery is the actual infliction, or force, or violence or […]

Sometimes when people call our law office and they’re being charged with a crime, one of the most common questions that we get asked is, how do I get a copy of my police report? The short answer is you will get a copy of your police report on your very first court date and […]

What happens when you or somebody you know has been accused or arrested of carrying a concealed firearm or weapon in a vehicle? The first thing to consider is whether or not this type of crime is being charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. In other words, the crime could be charged as both. […]

Can a criminal record affect your ability to stay in the United States if you are not an American citizen, or a permanent resident with a Green Card, or a DACA recipient, or here on a student, work, or other type of visa, or if you are undocumented? The answer really depends on the type […]

field sobriety test

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. However, it is perfectly legal and safe to have a drink or two at a social event and get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even if you are very careful with how much you drink, if you get pulled over, you may have to submit to one […]