Being arrested for domestic abuse can be an emotional and terrifying experience. If you are arrested for assault there are several things that you have to deal with immediately. The first is posting bail so you can be released. Sometimes a temporary restraining order or emergency protective order has been issued. These orders prohibit you […]

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Many people don’t realize that getting arrested, even if you are never convicted, can have a drastic effect on the rest of your life. Having an arrest record creates a stigma, rightly or wrongly, that can cause you to miss out on opportunities such as schooling, renting or buying a home, and getting professional certifications […]

What happens if you have been arrested for being drunk in public, also known as, Penal Code 647(f), Public Intoxication? In order for you to be charged with this type of a crime, or found guilty of this crime, there have to be a few things that are met. Number one, you are actually in […]

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Having sexual intercourse with a minor is obviously against the law, but it’s not always a simple case. What you are charged with and what the potential consequences will be will largely depend on several factors, such as the exact age of the minor and how old you were at the time of the offense. […]

Did you know that one in three Californians has a criminal history? The American justice system holds that every defendant is innocent unless proven guilty. However, far too many people who have been arrested but never convicted of a crime are prevented from obtaining the employment, housing, and educational opportunities they deserve simply because of […]

Having a record of criminal conviction can negatively affect your ability to obtain employment, education, housing, and other benefits. Fortunately, under California law, you may be entitled to obtain relief from a conviction by filing a motion to dismiss your conviction in the interest of justice under Penal Code 1203.4. The Oakland expungement lawyers at […]

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All across the country including the Bay Area and Oakland, people are following suggestions to shelter in place in their homes to protect themselves and each other from Covid-19. Since there are no empty houses, and fewer people on the streets, alleged criminals have fewer opportunities to strike. However, the unfortunate part of this, according […]

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When you think of DUI, there’s a good chance you take the term at its most literal. The D stands for driving, so you probably think of someone driving a car, truck, or another motor vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol. However, a DUI does not just apply to people who are driving. It […]

What is a preliminary hearing? Well, basically a preliminary hearing is a little, mini-trial that happens before you go to trial. Preliminary hearings are only heard on felonies. So, what happens is, we set a date for the preliminary hearing. We subpoena all the witnesses, which include any of the police officers that were at […]