Proving innocence in domestic violence

An accusation of domestic violence can turn your world upside down. In many cases, the police must arrest somebody even if they are innocent. This is to prevent being held responsible if they leave the scene, nobody is arrested, and then later somebody gets hurt. Then, you have to spend money on bail which could […]


You may know that it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content, or BAC, of 0.08% or more in California. Being convicted of DUI driving under the influence with a 0.08% BAC or higher carries steep consequences including possible jail time if you have multiple DUIs. Higher BAC levels could result in higher […]

California Vehicle Codes 14602 and 23247(e)

In California, people convicted of a DUI in criminal court must install an ignition interlock device (IID) on any car registered under their name or that they operate on a regular basis as required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. An IID is a small instrument attached to the car’s ignition. It takes a breath […]