Have you been arrested for a crime and worried about how it will affect your job or your professional career?

Is your job specialized where having a criminal record could get you fired? Do you have future career goals and worried about how a criminal record will affect your future?

Or maybe an arrest will affect your driving privileges? Do you need your driver’s license to get to work? Or do your job duties involve operating a company vehicle and losing your license means losing your job?

Many people get scared and immediately call their employer or workplace to confess an arrest. This is a bad idea because you will be acting out of fear and emotion. Before notifying your employer, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about what you can do to protect yourself and possibly, your job.

Very often, telling your job that you got arrested can hurt you. Your reputation can be ruined just because you are being accused of a crime. This is especially true if the crime you are being accused of is a crime of moral turpitude. In other words, the crime you are accused of suggests you are not trustworthy or of bad character. The mere fact you are being accused is enough to ruin your reputation. No company or employer wants to work with somebody that is not trustworthy.

Unless you have an express duty or your employee handbook says you must report an arrest or conviction, you should consult with an attorney to find out what you can do to keep your job.

Our firm will assess the possibilities of keeping your record clean and/or avoid a criminal conviction depending on the facts of your case. An employment lawyer or professional license attorney can advise you on what your duties are at work and what you can do to try and keep your job. Depending on your occupation, there may be some time sensitive deadlines to report your arrest, especially if you have a professional license. This includes doctors, nurses, accountants, lawyers, teachers, people with commercial drivers licenses, or even if you are in the military. Many times our clients hire us and an employment lawyer to work together. As a team, we strategize how we will help you avoid a criminal record and keep your job. Together, we can show the court that losing your job will affect not just you, but people who depend on you, like your family and loved ones. It is very helpful if you have been employed in the same place for a long time or if you have employees and co-workers that depend on you.

Getting arrested or accused of a crime is traumatizing. Some people experience anxiety when calling a lawyer because they are scared of hearing what the penalties or consequences are. While this can be scary, keeping your head in the sand is not the best way to protect yourself. If your job is at risk, do the right thing and call an attorney immediately. Be proactive and get an assessment of your case. At Lamano Law Office, we will tell you what the best case, worst case, and likely scenario is after your initial consultation.