Meet Stephanie Dahl

Stephanie Dahl is the office manager at Lamano Law Office. She supervises all administrative matters including our law firm systems and procedures.  Ms. Dahl has over twenty years of experience in administrative support. A believer in service work, she has helped with elementary literacy, senior outreach, and church youth programs. Newly transplanted to Napa, she’s looking forward to becoming involved in her new community.

Stephanie has a passion for traveling. Volunteering at a Guaderia in Guatemala in 2018 was a profound experience that instilled an even stronger desire to learn about other cultures. Stephanie has two grown daughters nearby and helps babysit her grandson. She enjoys hiking, writing, baking, and gardening.

Stephanie was an English major with a continuing fondness for the written word. She is committed to providing detail-oriented support in her role at Lamano Law. Her natural empathy and dedication are a good fit for the compassionate ethos Lamano Law offers.  We are proud to have Ms. Dahl as part of our team.

If you need to get in touch with Ms. Dahl, please email her at