One of the biggest questions that drinkers have about driving is, “how many drinks is it okay to drink before it is illegal to drive?” Many people in California get arrested for DUI every year because they don’t realize they are over the legal limit. In most cases, anywhere from three to five drinks could put you above the legal limit for driving.

Personal Breathalyzers

Personal breathalyzers have become a popular choice for those who like to have a few drinks but want to remain safe. You should remember these devices are handy, but they are not perfect. The device could end up showing you are below the limit, and you could end up getting stopped anyway. Still, they can be a good option and can give you a general idea if you are over the limit. If you do want to use a personal breathalyzer, make sure to purchase a more sophisticated one, as they tend to be more reliable. If you are ever concerned that you might be near the limit, then do not take a chance. Find another way home to avoid getting arrested and to ensure you get home safe.

If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested for a DUI, then make sure to hire a California DUI attorney to help you. They will work on your defense and protect your rights. An experienced lawyer is your best option to avoid having to go to court. They will devise the best strategy, whether that means negotiations with the district attorney, or even taking it to trial if you have a good case.

License Suspension

Driving under the influence is dangerous. The law in California can be very strict, and district attorneys do not treat offenders lightly. Not only are there legal penalties, such as fines and possible prison time, but you could also have your license suspended in certain cases. If you are arrested, you have 10 days to make a request to the DMV to keep your license. An attorney will make this request their first order of business when you hire them. If you do request a hearing, you can keep your license until you have your hearing. Usually, a hearing is not scheduled for several months, so you will still be able to drive in the meantime.

Being arrested for DUI in California can be frightening, but that mistake doesn’t have to end up ruining your life. There are ways to defend yourself, and there is a wide range of possible outcomes. The most serious penalties can be severe, but there are light penalties as well. In most cases, opting for a trial is not a good strategy. The court is not friendly to those who are arrested for DUI, and there’s a chance you’ll end up with an unfortunate outcome.

Your best bet is having someone experienced and knowledgeable about the law at your side. That’s where we come in. We will fight for your rights, and even the playing field in your battle against the prosecution to get the best possible outcome for you.