What happens when your criminal case involves an auto accident? One of the common questions that we get at Lamano Law Office is whether or not the person should give a statement to their insurance company, to the other party’s insurance company, to the victim or any third party witnesses. It is really important that […]

Sometimes when people call our law office and they’re being charged with a crime, one of the most common questions that we get asked is, how do I get a copy of my police report? The short answer is you will get a copy of your police report on your very first court date and […]

Can a criminal record affect your ability to stay in the United States if you are not an American citizen, or a permanent resident with a Green Card, or a DACA recipient, or here on a student, work, or other type of visa, or if you are undocumented? The answer really depends on the type […]

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Many people don’t realize that getting arrested, even if you are never convicted, can have a drastic effect on the rest of your life. Having an arrest record creates a stigma, rightly or wrongly, that can cause you to miss out on opportunities such as schooling, renting or buying a home, and getting professional certifications […]

Having a record of criminal conviction can negatively affect your ability to obtain employment, education, housing, and other benefits. Fortunately, under California law, you may be entitled to obtain relief from a conviction by filing a motion to dismiss your conviction in the interest of justice under Penal Code 1203.4. The Oakland expungement lawyers at […]

What is a preliminary hearing? Well, basically a preliminary hearing is a little, mini-trial that happens before you go to trial. Preliminary hearings are only heard on felonies. So, what happens is, we set a date for the preliminary hearing. We subpoena all the witnesses, which include any of the police officers that were at […]

Hi, my name is Givelle Lamano and I’m the principal attorney at Lamano Law Office. The goal of this video is to tell you what you need to do to clean up your record. There are generally two avenues to clean up your criminal record. The first one is called a penal code 1203.4 and […]

What is bail and how does it work? Essentially, when somebody is arrested for a crime, they can post a bail amount so that they can have their freedom while their criminal case is pending. There are two ways to post bail. Either number one, you post the entire bail amount on your own, or […]

Going to Court? Here’s what to expect at your first court hearing. Hi, my name is Givelle Lamano, and I’m the principle attorney at Lamano Law Office. One of the most common questions that people ask us is: What can I expect on my first court date? The simple answer is that there are three […]